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Volunteer doctors of Kurdistan published pictures of Fardin Jafari's brain injury

Volunteer doctors of Kurdistan published pictures of Fardin Jafari's brain injury
CT scan of Fardin Jafari
posted onFebruary 19, 2024

The Kurdistan volunteer doctors' Instagram account announced by publishing a video that for the first time they are publishing images of the CT scan of Fardin Jafari, when he was hospitalized in Kausar Sanandaj Hospital, which clearly shows the extent of the brain lesion on the left side and the bullet inside it.

Fardin Jafari is a 28-year-old young man from Saqqez who was shot in the head by IRGC snipers on September 16, 2023, at the same time as the anniversary of the Jinnah uprising.

This announcement, which was published on February 18, 2024, mentions: "Fardin Jafari, who was injured in the head, was discharged with proper consciousness after about three months and the continuous efforts of the doctors. Although the doctors were able to save Fardin Jafari's life, unfortunately, the right half of his body was paralyzed."

The volunteer doctors of Kurdistan continue their announcement: "The Islamic Republic of Iran is the main cause and directly responsible for Fardin Jafari's case".

The said announcement is noted: "With the efforts of the doctors, his life was saved after three months of being in a coma, but half of his body lost the ability to move forever."

During the Women, Life, Freedom movement (also known as the uprising of Jina), 164 cities participated in this uprising. According to the report of Radio Farda, during the said protests, more than 1,500 citizens were killed by direct fire from the IRGC forces. The Voice of America also announced that the number of detainees was more than 60,000.