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US civil defense: Iranian intelligence chief in Lorestan was killed

US civil defense: Iranian intelligence chief inLorestan  was killed
Photo of the head of intelligence of Lorestan province and the logo of Mossad
posted onMay 21, 2024

According to a report from the US Civil Defense news, the head of the intelligence organization in Lorestan province was killed.

In a report on Tuesday evening, May 21, 2024, according to a news source who did not want to reveal his identity, the US Civil Defense News announced: "The head of the Intelligence Organization of Lorestan province in Iran was killed by Mossad agents."

This news also mentions that the Mossad agents were able to leave the place without any problems and reach a safe place.

This is not the first time that senior officials of Iran are targeted by Israel's agents. The level of intelligence penetration of Israeal in different levels of Iranian government is so deep that none of the authorities is sure that they will be alive in another hour or will be killed by the Mossad.