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Israel's surprise for Ali Khamenei's birthday

Israel's surprise for Ali Khamenei's birthday
A picture of Israel's extensive attacks on Esfahan, Iran
Since the early hours of Israel's attacks Iran, Avatody announced through reliable news sources, that apart from Isfahan, the IRGC base in Sardroud, Tabriz, and several bases of the IRGC and its allies in Iraq and Syria were also heavily bombed.
posted onApril 19, 2024

While the world did not expect Israel to launch a retaliatory attack against the Islamic Republic after Passover, most of the people of Iran and the Middle East began Friday, April 19, with the surprising news of the Israeli Defense Force's attack on Isfahan and Tabriz.

This shock was so great that even the senior military and political officials of Iran are in a state of confusion after several hours of the surprise attack by Israel and do not know the exact details of the said attack and are still in shock. This shocking atmosphere, with the deafening silence of the Israeli authorities, has added to Iran's confusion.

Since the early hours of Israel's attack on Iran's 8th airbase in Esfahan, Avatodi announced that apart from it, the Sardroud IRGC base, Tabriz and several bases of Iran and its allies in Iraq and Syria have also been heavily bombed.

While the news agencies were focusing on Isfahan, the Syrian government released a statement confirming the Israeli attacks on the country's defense system in southern Syria. These attacks were carried out at the same time as the attack on Iran.

Although Israel has not officially claimed responsibility for these attacks, the Israel War Room page on the X social network tweeted: "Happy Birthday Khamenei", which is a reference to the fact that these attacks coincided with Ali Khamenei's birthday.

Of course, when the world media contacted senior American officials and asked them about this, it turned out that the Americans were not only not shocked by this news, but also knew about it.

In this regard, one of the senior American officials told CNN: "This is not surprising, we already knew. Last night, Israel informed us that we will attack Iran in the next 24 or 48 hours."

Israel did not even trust Joe Biden's government and did not inform them of the exact day and time of the attack, lest one of the supporters of the Islamic Republic in the Biden government inform the Iranian authorities.

Undoubtedly, the preparation of fireworks by Israel for the birthday of Ali Khamenei, the dictator ruling Iran, and the gift given by the Israeli Defense Force to this old dictator, is the most surprising birthday celebration that Khamenei has experienced during his 85 years of life.

These attacks represent three very bitter realities for the Islamic Republic and two sweet realities for the nations of Iran.

With this attack on the Islamic Republic, Israel showed that it could attack the most sensitive military centers in the heart of Iran without activating Iran's defense system. Second, Iran's defense capability against these attacks is zero, and third, Israel has a significant number of war-ready forces inside Iran, which, like this attack, can launch military operations against sensitive military centers anytime and anywhere in Iran.

But the two sweet facts of these attacks for the oppressed nations of Iran: one is the hollowness of the claims of the Islamic Republic authorities regarding their military power and the other is the revelation of the fact that the nations of Iran can overcome the evil rule of the Islamic Republic with unity and coordinated action.