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Leaked footage proves brutal condition in Iranian prison 

Leaked footage proves brutal condition in Iranian prison 
posted onAugust 23, 2021

Footages leaked from Iran’s notorious Evin prison, known for holding political prisoners, show a grim world faced by inmates. 

An anonymous group, calling themselves hackers, shared footage of the incident as well as parts of other surveillance video it seized with The Associated Press. 

“The alleged hackers said the release of the footage was an effort to show the grim conditions at the prison,” The news agency said. 

“In one part of the footage, a man smashes a bathroom mirror to try to cut open his arm. Prisoners — and even guards — beat each other in scenes captured by surveillance cameras. Inmates sleeping in single rooms with bunk beds stacked three high against the walls, wrapping themselves in blankets to stay warm.”

The group of hackers said they want the world to hear their voice for freedom of all political prisoners. 

Iran has been facing criticism from the United Nations special rapporteur over its prison conditions. The country did not immediately respond to a request for comment sent to its UN mission in New York by AP. 

Iranian state media have not acknowledged the incident at Evin. 

There are images of the prison’s open-air exercise yard, prisoners’ bathrooms and offices within the facility.