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Report/ International Reactions To The Death Sentence Of Toomaj Salehi

Report/international reactions to the death sentence of Toomaj Salehi
An image of Toomaj Salehi, a Iranian rapper whose courage, desire to resist and not surrender to the demands of the Islamic Republic is undoubtedly rooted in the history of Zagros.
posted onApril 25, 2024


With the publication of the news of the death sentence for Toomaj Salehi, a heavy shock was imposed on all those who were following the news of Tomaj Salehi's fate. This shock was not only limited to Iran, but also included the world's leading officials and personalities.

In the early hours of announcing the death sentence for Toomaj Salehi,Abram Paley, deputy special envoy for Iran, wrote on the X social network: "We strongly condemn Toomaj Salehi’s death sentence and the five-year sentence for Kurdish-Iranian rapper Saman Yasin. We call for their immediate release. These are the latest examples of the regime’s brutal abuse of its own citizens, disregard for human rights, and fear of the democratic change the Iranian people seek".

گزارش/ واکنش‌های بین‌المللی به حکم اعدام توماج صالحی
Toomaj Salehi is an artist who sings for humans and lives for their love

Thijs Reutten, the representative of the Netherlands in the European Parliament, also wrote in a post on the X social network: "Toomaj Salehi’s life is in imminent danger! The IRGCterrorist regime wants to executeToomaj for standing up for freedom, for his art. The cowards are afraid of him. We call on the EU Council to act today to save his life!"

The well-known German rapper Jan Delay also wrote in response to the verdict issued against Toomaj: "We all need to be the voice of Tomaj, everyone".

Brad Sherman, a Democratic member of the US Congress, recalled in a tweet: "The Iranian regime killed countless protesters who rose up to demand Woman, Life, Freedom movement after Mahsa Amini's murder. Now the regime sentenced Toomaj Salehi to death for protesting. But what Toomaj represents - defying the regime's evil & corruption - will never die".

واکنش‌های بین‌المللی به حکم اعدام توماج صالحی
Toomaj Salehi did not give in to the demands of the Islamic Republic during the entire time he was under torture

Canadian Minister of Natural Resources and Member of Parliament Jonathan Wilkinson, who is also a political sponsor of Salehi, wrote on the X social network: "The recent news coming out of Iran that Toomaj Salehi is being sentenced to execution is upsetting and completely unacceptable. Free Toomaj Salehi. Free Dr. Ghare-Hassanlou. Free Farzaneh Ghare-Hassanlou. Free Mohammed Rakhshani".

واکنش‌های بین‌المللی به حکم اعدام توماج صالحی
Undoubtedly, his courage and desire to fight against the Islamic Republic of Iran originates from the history of the Zagros uprisings.

Norbert Röttgen, a member of the German Parliament, also reacting to the inhuman death sentence for Toomaj Salehi, wrote in a tweet: "Toomaj Salehi stands for the resistance of all the people in Iran who want a future. In freedom & without the regime. He has overcome his fear of the mullahs and will now be punished with death for it. This verdict must have consequences, Toomaj must not die".

Following the international reactions to the news of Toomaj Salehi's death sentence, Helmut Brandstetter, a member of the Austrian Parliament and Tomaj Salehi's political sponsor, said: "Toomaj Salehi was just sentenced to death by the terrorist Islamic Republic of Iran. Only because he showed solidarity with Woman, Life, Freedom movement movement, he was locked up. After he publicly talked about the torture in prison, he was sentenced to death. We all have to stand up for the people in Iran. We cannot let more political prisoners be murdered!! free Toomaj Salehi".

Report: Dalanpar