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Iran sentences pair to death for adultery

Iran sentences pair to death for adultery
posted onNovember 7, 2021

Iran's supreme court has issued death sentences against a 27-year-old and his 33-year-old lover for adultery, Iranian media reported on Saturday.

According to an Iranian newspaper affiliated with the reformists, the sentence came after the man's father-in-law denied them clemency.

The man's wife gave police video evidence of her husband's infidelity early this year and urged the court to sentence them with death penalty.

Based on Iranian law if a victim's family forgives the accused in a capital crime, the convict can be either pardoned or given a jail sentence.

Since Iran's 1979 revolution, adultery has been punishable by stoning. But the country changed the law in 2013 to allow judges to order an alternative method of execution, usually hanging.