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IRGCs hoard millions of medical gloves and masks

IRGCs hoard millions of medical gloves and masks
posted onMarch 3, 2020

Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) has hoarded millions of medical supplies including gloves and masks amid Coronavirus spreads throughout the country, source said.

Since the outbreak of the virus, pharmacies and medical suppliers have been short of gloves, masks, and antibacterial gels.

According to the source, IRGC had three main reasons in hoarding medical supplies: first, Revolutionary Guards wants to be the only supplier of these necessary items to people in an attempt to portray itself as a sympathetic force and regain its lost-trust among Iranians.

“There is also another reason behind that. They might be sending them to Shiite militias across the Middle East such as Iraq Lebanon when the virus reaches there in order to increase the popularity of such groups,” he added.

The third reason, the source said, “was to control the market and then increase the prices of these items in order to gain billions of profits.”

Avatoday published a first report on the organization's hoarding of medical items late February.