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A Kurdish youth was sentenced to death on charges of "spying" for Israel

A Kurdish youth was sentenced to death on charges of "spying" for Israel
Shahin Wasaf, a Kurdish youth sentenced to death
posted onFebruary 22, 2024

In continuation of the fascist and anti-human policies of the Islamic Republic against the nations of Iran, Shahin Wasaf, a 27-year-old Kurdish youth, was sentenced to death by the third branch of the Revolutionary Court of Urmia after a year of detention on the charge of "spying for Israel".

According to the reports received by Avatodiy, Shahin Wasaf, a native of Selmas, Urmia, was arrested on September 21, 2022, by the forces of the Intelligence Organization of the Islamic Republic of Iran for participating in the Women, Life of Freedom movement.

According to this report, Shahin Wasaf was tortured for four months by intelligence forces for his forced confession to "spying for Israel".

His court session was held without a lawyer in third branch of the Urmia Revolutionary Court and on October 3 this year, the sentence issued to him was announced in prison.

Earlier in early December of this year, the death sentence of three other Kurdish citizens named Wafa Hanare, Aram Omari Bardiani and Rahman Parhazo was executed in Urmia Central Prison. They were also accused of spying for Israel.

In addition to these executions, the courts of the Islamic Republic have issued other death sentences. Among them are Mujahid Korkur, Reza Rasaei, Fazel Bahramian, Mehran Bahramian, Mohammad Javad Vafai Thani, Mansour Dehmardeh, and Abbas Daris that it is possible to implement these sentences at any moment.