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Iran-linked hackers target Israel shipping

Iran-linked hackers target Israel shipping
posted onAugust 17, 2022

A hacking group apparently linked to Iran has been targeting Israeli shipping in recent years, a leading US cybersecurity firm said Wednesday.

These attempts came as the shadow war between Israel and Iran began to play out at sea after mainly being waged on land and in the air.

The hacking group focused on collecting intelligence from Israeli entities and has also targeted Israeli government, energy and health care organizations, said the Virginia-based cybersecurity firm Mandiant.

The cybersecurity group warned that intelligence and data the hackers obtained could be leveraged for nefarious activities, such as becoming fodder for damaging leaks or guiding direct military action.

It wasn’t clear how successful the hackers had been in their attacks.

Mandiant said it was moderately confident that the group is linked to Iran and has found some technical remnants pointing to an Iranian link, such as the use of Persian, including the word khoda, which means “God.”