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Professors urge Iranian regime to free university students

Professors urge Iranian regime to free university students
posted onMay 15, 2021

Some 174 Lecturers from Tehran's Sharif University of Technology called the Iranian government to release Amir Hossein Moradi and Ali Younesi, two of the university's imprisoned students.

In a letter addressed to senior Islamic Republic officials, the 174 lecturers and faculty members of the university have asked the government to free them on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr, which is the biggest religious ceremony in Iran.

Moradi and Younesi were arrested in April 2020 and are held in Tehran's notorious Evin Prison. Based on reports, they have been subjected to torture and false confessions.

According to their lawyer, the two students have been charged with "corruption on earth.”

The Iran Human Rights (IHR) organization has also called for the release of the two students.

"The allegations made against them by the judiciary have been fabricated by the security institutions," the organization said. "We are worried that they will be forced to make false confessions through torture, which can then be used to impose harsh sentences against them.”