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Iran-backed militias offer help to Hezbollah against Israel

Iran-backed militias offer help to Hezbollah against Israel
posted onJune 24, 2024

Thousands of militias supported by the Islamic Republic of Iran in the Middle East are ready to fight alongside Lebanon’s Hezbollah in its battle with Israel if the conflict escalates into a full-blown war, officials with Iran-backed factions and analysts say.

Almost daily exchanges of fire have occurred along Lebanon’s frontier with northern Israel since fighters from the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip staged a bloody assault on southern Israel in early October that set off a cruel war in Gaza.

The top US military officer warned on Sunday that any Israeli military offensive into Lebanon would risk an Iranian response in defense of the powerful Hezbollah terror group there, and that US forces would be challenged to bolster Israel’s air defense umbrella.

Air Force Gen. Charles Q. Brown, chairman of the United States Joint Chiefs of Staff, said Iran “would be more inclined to support Hezbollah” than it does the Hamas terror group in Gaza, “particularly if they felt that Hezbollah was being significantly threatened.”

Just days ago, Israel’s military said it had “approved and validated” plans for an offensive in Lebanon.