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Iran regains voting rights at UN, say officials

Iran regains voting rights at UN, say officials
posted onJune 12, 2021

Iran has paid off some $16.2 million in arrears it owed to the United Nations, allowing the country to regain voting rights, diplomats said Friday.

Tehran is now allowed to participate in the General Assembly’s selection of five new members for the Security Council for 2022-2023 on Friday.

“After more than 6 months of working on it, the UN today announced it has received the funds,” said Iran’s ambassador to the UN, Majid Takht Ravanchi, on Twitter.

A UN official said the funds came mainly from an Iranian account based in Seoul, whose transactions had been blocked by US sanctions.

Discussions had been underway for several months between the UN, Iran, South Korea and the US to obtain the release of this particular Iranian account in Seoul so that Tehran could settle its debt.